A Chip Off the Old Block


Not even a popular idiom can distract from the fact that our website is long overdue. What can we say? We have been BUSY!! We have been chipping away at it, as we have been going through an exciting growth phase. Each new member of our team has morphed Freshly Pressed (and our brand) a little bit and we have welcomed the growth and the change. 

We are big believers in adapting. Our world is constantly changing and communications have been at the forefront of those changes for the past few decades. If we had chosen to stay true to our original paths out of school, not only would we still be sending faxes, we would probably also be unemployed. 

Change can feel scary at times, but when we embrace, adapt and evolve, we can discover new potential and forge amazing new relationships. Emracing the unknown has brought Freshly Pressed to where we are today, a creative agency with a powerhouse team that builds intriguing and captivating assets & campaigns.

Stay tuned to our blog, we will be sharing exciting news from Freshly Pressed, the latest & most compelling trends and communication tools, learning from our own team and things we think are full of thought provoking wonderfulness. 


Freshly Pressed